On Sunday, telugu desam party (TDP) general secretary nara lokesh made accusations that jagan Mohan reddy, the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, had killed his uncle, YS Vivekananda Reddy. He remarked, "Jagan reddy killed his own 'Babai' (uncle). Is he ready to kill more family members? I'm asking jagan reddy if he is ready to destroy the state," at a rally in the srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh.
At march 2019, it was reported that YS Vivekananda reddy, a former state minister, was killed at his hometown of pulivendula village in kadapa district. Nara Lokesh said that tdp leader N chandrababu naidu and his father had been detained for 53 days "illegally" by the jagan Reddy-led YSRCP administration.

"Over the last four years, a number of charges, including crimes and attempted murder, have been brought against tdp activists, including 22 cases involving myself. According to ANI, nara lokesh stated, "The officials and YSRCP leaders purposefully disturbed the tdp leaders, and their names have been recorded in the red Book."

The tdp politician went on to criticise jagan reddy, saying, "He made the state the ganja capital of India."

Is everyone prepared to put jagan reddy behind bars, nara lokesh enquired. "Is jagan reddy ready to kill more backward-class children like amarnath Goud and Dalits like Dr Sudhakar?" asked him.

"Recently, three occurrences took place. Tahsildar Ramaiah was slain in Visakhapatnam for opposing the appropriation of land. Poojitha, an agricultural assistant, committed suicide while working in the bapatla district's RBK (Rythu Bharosa Kendras, or farmers' facilitation facilities). Poojitha was coerced and threatened to pay for the fertilisers after the YSRCP officials stole them from the RBK facilities, and as a result, she committed suicide, he claimed.

"JE Ramakrishna, who worked in the vizianagaram district's panchayat department, hanged himself with a fan. nara lokesh went on to say that YSRCP leaders had harassed him and forced him to take drastic measures when he refused to allow them to steal iron and sand.
Nara Lokesh accused jagan reddy of "deceiving" the youth by stating that he hadn't sent out a DSC (District Selection Committee) notification in the previous four years.
He said that by promising to provide DSC notices for 6,100 vacancies, jagan reddy was attempting to mislead people. nara lokesh went on, "TDP will form the government and conduct the DSC exam every year."
At the time of publishing this piece, neither jagan reddy nor the YSRCP has responded to Nara Lokesh's accusations.

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