Farmer leader warned govt to "whatever happens now..." ?

Leader of the 'Delhi Chalo' agitation farmers Sarwan Singh Pandher has warned the BJP-led government that it will be accountable for 'whatever happens now', only hours after they rejected the Centre's proposal to buy cotton, maize, and pulses at MSP. The farmers who are protesting have said that they will resume their march towards delhi on Wednesday, february 21, following the breakdown of negotiations with the administration. According to Pandher, who spoke on tuesday morning, the administration has made it plain that it will not permit them to enter Delhi.

"The administration made it quite evident that they would stop at nothing to prevent us from entering Delhi...We should be free to march in the direction of delhi if you're unable to work with farmers to find a solution, he told ANI. Pandher added that the scenario in haryana is similar to that in Kashmir, referring to the police's extraordinary efforts to stop the march. "We were shelled as we approached Delhi...Additionally, bullets were utilized on the tractor tires.According the DGP haryana, farmers are not subjected to tear gas.We demand that those who use it then be punished.Additionally, false comments are being made...Haryana's circumstances are similar to those in Kashmir. On february 21, we will march towards Delhi. The government has offered us a plan that makes us rescind our initial demands. The government has responsibility for all that occurs going forward," he continued.

Three Union ministers on a panel on sunday suggested that government agencies purchase pulses, maize, and cotton crops at minimum support prices (MSP) for a period of five years during the fourth round of negotiations with farmer representatives. The government's proposal was met with resistance by the farmers on Monday, who claimed it was an attempt to "divert and dilute" their demand for MSP.

They said that the farmers would not accept anything less than the recommendations made in the report of the swaminathan Commission. Pandher stated yesterday that they ought to be permitted to travel to delhi by the administration.

"We will move to delhi peacefully at 11 am on february 21," he stated. Farmers are requesting that a law proclaiming all crops to be at minimum support prices be passed by the government. 

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