The tollywood debut of Janhvi Kapoor, a beauty from Bollywood, is Devara, the film that unites Jr. ntr and koratala Siva. She has now been cast in ram Charan's upcoming movie, too, according to her father Boney Kapoor (RC16). This can be seen as Janhvi's ideal tollywood debut, given that Buchi Babu and koratala siva were two better choices for her early in the profession.
 Among the filmmakers that strive to have strong female leads in their films is Koratala. He works hard to write the greatest songs he can for the female leads in his movies. Since he doesn't view the women as beauty dolls but rather as story drivers, his extra layer of insight will support the cause of the actresses regardless. Janvhi would have preferred a more logical beginning for her tollywood debut.
 Then there's Buchi Babu Sana, whose debut film Uppena revolves around Krithi Shetty's character, the female lead. Krithi then had a dream start thanks to this movie. It appears that Buchi Babu is a man who respects the female protagonists in his films as well.

One might anticipate that he will have written a strong character for Janhvi if he keeps going in this direction with the ram Charan movie. koratala has established himself as a sane filmmaker, while Buchi Babu demonstrated with Uppena that he appreciates female roles. Early in her tollywood career, Janhvi can only look for this as the finest opportunity. How she uses this to her advantage will determine the rest.


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