The trailer for the upcoming film "Operation valentine," starring varun Tej, has been released, generating excitement among fans. Directed by shakti Pratap Singh, the telugu trailer was unveiled by ram Charan, while the hindi version was released by salman Khan. The promotional materials have heightened expectations for the movie, and the valentine theme has piqued further interest.

The storyline follows arjun Dev (Varun Tej), an IAF officer haunted by past nightmares. Despite his traumatic experiences, he remains steadfast and adventurous, especially in his love for radar officer Sonal (Manushi Chillar). The narrative takes a patriotic turn when 42 CRPF jawans perish in the Pulwama attack, leading to an indian air Force air strike against the enemy. varun Tej impressively portrays the adventurous squadron leader, with both action and emotional scenes leaving a lasting impact.

The chemistry between varun Tej and Manushi is commendable, and seeing varun Tej in a uniform adds visual appeal. "Operation Valentine" promises a visual spectacle, paying tribute to the bravery of the indian air Force. The trailer combines intense action, emotional depth, music, and patriotic romance, creating a mind-blowing cinematic experience. director shakti Pratap Singh Hada's vision, hari K Vedantam's cinematography, and Mickey J Mayer's background score contribute to the film's overall excellence.

The movie is produced by sony Pictures, sandeep Mudda, and co-produced by nandakumar Abbineni of god Bless Entertainment. Scheduled for release on march 1 in both telugu and hindi languages, "Operation Valentine" aims to be the first aerial film in telugu, offering audiences a fresh and exhilarating experience. mega prince varun Tej expressed his dedication to providing unique and entertaining stories, emphasizing the film's patriotic elements. The director, cast, and crew expressed their excitement, assuring audiences of an engaging cinematic journey on march 1.

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