Following the remarks made by tamil actor Mansoor ali Khan, AIADMK politician AV Raju denigrated South indian actresses trisha krishnan and Karunas. His inflammatory remarks on actresses in general and trisha and Karunas, in particular, are captured on camera in an interview that is making the rounds on social media and drawing a lot of backlashes.

The aforementioned AIADMK official targets salem West mla G Venkatachalam and makes startling accusations. AV Raju had charged Venkatachalam with defrauding him of Rs 40 lakh by claiming to have government positions, a few days prior. The leader was criticized for his comments by an actress and social activist, who remarked, "What nonsense is this person talking? He is attempting to damage women's reputations in film to get his revenge. The media had gathered outside the Koovathur resort; how is it conceivable to bring a well-known actress there without drawing any notice from them?"

Trisha who kept mum has now reacted and tweeted, "It's disgusting to repeatedly see low lives and despicable human beings who will stoop down to any level to gain http://attention.Rest assured, necessary and severe action will be taken. Anything that needs to be said and done henceforth will be from my legal department."


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