Farmers' protest: 1200 tractors and bulldozers braces...

Today, thousands of punjabi farmers will once again embark on their 'Delhi Chalo' march, demanding that the MSP be extended to all crops. Following the failure of the fourth round of negotiations with the federal government, the protesting farmers, who are now camped at the border between punjab and haryana at Shambhu, said on tuesday that they would resume their agitation. Because security checkpoints set up by the authorities to stop the protesting farmers could cause traffic gridlock, the march is predicted to have an impact on daily life in delhi and the surrounding areas. Farmers from Manesar marched towards delhi on wednesday morning, but the police stopped them.

Top updates on the farmers' protest are as follows:

Prime minister Narendra Modi was urged to step out and assist farmer leader Sarwan Singh Pandher in putting an end to the demonstration. "We have instructed the government to murder us, but please do not persecute the farmers. We ask the prime minister to step forward and halt this demonstration by introducing legislation that guarantees farmers the minimum price per share (MSP). Such a government will not be forgiven by the nation. The villages of haryana are home to paramilitary soldiers. What offence have we perpetrated? You now have the position of Prime Minister. We never imagined that the powers would subjugate us in this manner. Please defend the Constitution, and allow us to travel to delhi in peace. We have this right," he declared.

According to sources cited by news agency PTI, the central government has calculated that approximately 14,000 people have congregated along the Punjab-Haryana border. There are 1200 tractor trolleys, 300 automobiles, and 10 minibuses carrying the farmers. The home ministry went on to say that 500 tractors and 4,500 individuals were permitted to congregate near the Dhabi-Gujran border.

The punjab government received a letter from the ministry of home affairs expressing worry over the state's deteriorating law and order situation. According to the home ministry, numerous miscreants posing as farmers were engaging in stone-pelting and bringing in large equipment to the Shambhu, which separates punjab and Haryana. The home ministry is against the use of JCB machines, tractors, and other heavy machinery at protests.

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