Guntur Kaaram's original main actress, pooja hegde, allegedly left the project because of several problems, including scheduling challenges and discontent with the direction the project was taking. It is now evident that pooja Hegde's removal from Mahesh Babu's guntur Kaaram and Sreeleela's replacement was a poor choice. In Trivikram's last film, Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo, pooja made a lasting impression, while Sreeleela failed to make even the slightest effect.
Although trivikram was hesitant to have Sreeleela play pooja hegde in the movie, he had to give in to the hero's wishes. Sreeleela's career has witnessed highs and lows in a single year. She acted as tier-2 heroes, debutantes, and even elite heroes. She must now get opportunities based on her abilities moving forward. She can no longer rely just on her exceptional dance abilities, therefore she needs to put in a lot of work and hone her acting talents.
The industry is currently missing pooja hegde terribly. Regardless of her rate of success, she was a fit heroine for heroes at any level. As the main woman, she continues to enjoy great recognition, a devoted fan base, and high demand. On the other hand, there are rumors that pooja is being ignored in the business due to certain attitude problems. Whatever the cause, the industry requires gorgeous, skilled heroines who have large fan bases. pooja hegde might have the perfect opportunity to make a huge return.


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