The bollywood circuit is a hotbed of paparazzi culture. social media users share hundreds or perhaps thousands of pictures of stars and actresses outside restaurants, gyms, and airports every day. These actors and actresses frequently post in these photos as though they are taken aback by the presence of the camera crew. Viewers may naturally ask how the camera crew knows just when and where to be to get shots of these bollywood celebrities. However, actress Priyamani, who made her bollywood debut with her hindi OTT series Family Man, has disclosed the backstory behind the same.

She disclosed that these paparazzi pictures of bollywood stars are carefully staged and not at all natural. "I was unaware of the backstory of these paps at the beginning. However, it was then clarified to me that these actors and actresses are required to pay the photographers and provide them with a list of the locations where they plan to have their photos shot. It's a complicated procedure. It's not like the photographers appear out of nowhere in the locations where these actors will be. The venues and payment for these paparazzi are provided by the performers themselves. priyamani disclosed.

The actress's remark is currently going viral on social media, and telugu internet users are appalled by the shocking "photo" dream of these Bolly stars and the culture of paparazzi. "For years, I've pondered how the paparazzi could consistently be there at events when celebrities make an appearance. The fact that these actors pay the photographers and provide the venues astounds me. One netizen asked, "What is the purpose of this fantasy photo of these stars?"

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