Rahul gandhi accuses Modi of arrogance after farmer dies...

Rahul gandhi, a congress MP, attacked the bharatiya janata party (BJP) on wednesday in response to the murder of a 24-year-old agricultural protester near the Khanauri border. Saddened deeply by the shooting killing of young farmer shubh Karan Singh near the Khanauri border. My sympathies go out to his family. The past time, around 700 farmers had to make sacrifices due to Modi's haughtiness. Now, it has once more turned into an enemy of their lives, gandhi wrote on X.

The congress leader continued, "One day, history will demand an explanation from the bjp for the killings of farmers." Singh, who had engaged in combat with the haryana police near the Khanauri border, passed away from his wounds in a government hospital in Patiala, Punjab. Last week's ongoing unrest resulted in the heart arrest deaths of two elderly farmers. When the farm protestors attempted to approach the barricades erected to impede their march to the nation's capital, the haryana police fired tear gas shells to scatter them.

According to the haryana police, the demonstrating farmers surrounded the police officers and began setting fire to their stubble that had been sprinkled with chili powder. Twelve police officers were hurt when the farmers allegedly attacked them with maces, sticks, and stones. The farmer unions declared later in the evening that the demonstration would be suspended for two days. Reporters at Shambhu were informed by farmer leader Sarwan Singh Pandher that they will determine the next move on friday night.

After a two-day respite, punjabi farmers in Khanauri and Shambhu resumed their agitation early on monday morning in an effort to break the impasse following the fourth session of discussions with a panel of three Union ministers on sunday night. "There are farmers all around the nation. It is crucial to consider the interests of all farmers in the nation when drafting policies. In the upcoming days, we would endeavor to address their concerns while keeping this in mind, Union Agriculture minister Arjun Munda stated.

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