In a secunderabad Christian cemetery, tombs have been vandalized by unidentified miscreants. One of the oldest cemeteries in the area, St. John's cemetery in secunderabad, has had some graves recently vandalized by miscreants. It was discovered what had happened on Wednesday.

Concerned, several community leaders have pushed the state government to intervene and prosecute those responsible for planning future assaults against minority groups.
DCP rohini Priyadarshini of the North zone verified the event when contacted. "We have heard that there was only one grave in the cemetery that was damaged," the speaker stated. But as of now, we have not heard any complaints. Whether or if the event was communal, the officer declined to comment. "We are now checking the incident's specifics. There will be more action, she informed india Herald.

Notably, on february 13, at least 14 persons were injured in a brawl that broke out between Bajrang Dal members and Dalit Christians outside the Methodist church in Janwada village of the Rangareddy district late on Tuesday. The argument over enlarging the road was the cause of the altercation. The members of Bajrang Dal had insisted on a road's extension towards the church property. When the church's members refused to relocate, the opposition party attacked the building.

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