SS In addition to becoming the most successful director in India, rajamouli is distinguished by his grounded character. While other filmmakers could occasionally display conceit, rajamouli is unmatched in this regard. The same approach is shown not just by rajamouli but also by his family members who collaborate with him, such as his wife Rama Rajamouli. A malayalam film producer disclosed an event involving rajamouli after "Baahubali" became a huge blockbuster. rajamouli traveled to sabarimala by way of Alappuzha.

He inquired about meeting pushpa star Fahadh Fazil's father, malayalam filmmaker Fazil. director Fazil is well-known for his earlier work. The malayalam producer stated that rajamouli instantly bowed down and touched his feet out of reverence after witnessing Fazil. He claims that Rajamouli's behavior stunned even Fazil. Even though the entire country is raving about "Baahubali," nobody anticipated rajamouli to be so amiable, grounded, and to touch his feet.

Rajamouli claimed that he finds inspiration in his films. "Can we expect anyone from the malayalam industry to do such an act after delivering such a big film in a director's career?" inquired the Mallu producer who made this revelation. Because of this, rajamouli continues to evolve and set himself apart from others, even in the face of hate-mongering by some caste media during the release of RRR.

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