"Operation Valentine," a film starring varun Tej, was originally scheduled to release in early december but was postponed. Given their comparable narratives and inspiration from the same events—the Pulwama attack—an earlier release date would have been desirable to minimize similarities with Hrithik Roshan's Fighter. The release of "Operation Valentine" in hindi is also unusual and dangerous. There are striking and astounding parallels between the two films, with several moments having nearly the same visuals.
 A few internet users believe that the producers purposefully did this to generate hype and encourage conversation about their movie. It can't be a coincidence that there are so many frame-to-frame images. The movie would face a formidable task in trying to win over those who have already seen Fighter. varun Tej needs to provide his greatest performance to date to compete with Hrithik, who was simply too fantastic in Fighter.
 "Fighter" did not fare well at the box office despite receiving positive reviews from critics and viewers. Will the surprise of "Operation Valentine" at the box office need to be witnessed? "Operation Valentine," which is helmed by shakti Pratap Singh Hada and produced by sony Pictures international Productions, will premiere on march 1.

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