Chief minister A revanth reddy stated that there had been significant improvements in the delivery of electricity, but he issued a warning, saying that officials and personnel would face severe consequences if power outages were reported without a good reason. During a meeting with authorities here on Thursday, he stated that the State government was providing enough electricity to fulfill the energy demand and that the government would not be imposing any official power cuts.

Along with expressing frustration over the recent widespread power outages, the chief minister also vented his wrath at a few officials for their carelessness in performing their jobs. sam Rizvi, chief managing director of TRANSCO and GENCO, stated that the electricity supply has grown over the last two months in comparison to the same period the previous year.

According to authorities, the chief minister ordered stern punishment against officials and workers who performed their tasks negligently. The officials blamed the inability of the DEs to adequately monitor load changes at sub-stations for the power supply outages. According to him, customers residing in the regions surrounding the sub-stations should be notified ahead of time if there will be a power outage due to maintenance or repairs.

To ensure that there is enough electricity during the busiest months of february, March, and April, an action plan has already been created. From february 1 to february 13, this year, 264.95 million units were delivered daily, compared to 242.44 million units supplied during the same time the previous year. 230.54 million units were provided in january of last year, while 243.12 million units were delivered in january of this year.

Ensure no drinking water issues in the summer
Revanth Reddy, the chief minister, instructed staff to take all required safety measures and make sure there were no problems with drinking water throughout the summer. In addition, he demanded a thorough action plan that would ensure that every home, regardless of location—cities, towns, villages, tandas, or sc colonies—had access to enough water.

The chief minister requested a review of the whole water needs and a letter to the krishna river Management Board (KRMB) after officials told him that a letter had to be written to obtain drinking water from the nagarjuna sagar and srisailam projects. The chief minister emphasized that drafting a letter to KRMB should come first and that appealing to the karnataka government to release water from Narayanpur Reservoir should only be taken into consideration as a last resort.
"Wells, motors, and borewells should all be fixed when needed. If necessary, at least Rs. 1 crore of the ACDP monies given to the MLAs should be used for this, he stated.

CS directed to conduct a review meeting to ensure no issue till July
Chief Secretary A Santhi Kumari was instructed to have a review conference with the district Collectors on water resources in their respective districts within two days to guarantee that there would be no drinking water problems in the State until July.

There should not be any issue with ghmc limits
The chief minister further requested that officials make sure the Greater hyderabad boundaries were not experiencing a water deficit. According to officials, there were no significant issues and in the event of a shortage, water could be obtained from yellampalli and nagarjuna Sagar. The chief minister further requested that the police make sure that drinking water tanker transportation is unhindered during the summer.


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