Officials said on saturday that a government school teacher assigned to the Baran district of rajasthan had been suspended for offending religious emotions and showing disrespect to Goddess Saraswati. According to them, rajasthan education minister Madan Dilawar issued an order on friday that resulted in the suspension of Hemlata Bairwa, a primary school teacher.

"At a public gathering on thursday while on his tour through the Kishanganj area of Baran district, Dilawar said, 'Some people give weightage to themselves so much, their 'chaal' (working style) is not yet gone and they ask what is the contribution of Goddess Saraswati in school. whoever has said so in this area, I suspend him/her."

Hemlata Bairwa, a Prabodhak level 1 teacher assigned to the government primary school in Lakdai village in the Kishanganj area of the Baran district, was placed on leave by the district education (elementary) officer on friday, one day after the minister made her announcement in public. The order was made because the teacher was not given due consideration for disciplinary action.
The Baran district education department official asserted, however, that the suspension order was only imposed after the preliminary investigation for injuring and inciting religious feelings against Bairwa was concluded.

The teacher was found guilty of offending and inciting the religious sentiments of the community in the first investigation into the controversy surrounding the placement of Goddess Saraswati's picture on stage at a Republic Day function at the government primary school in Lakadia, Kishanganj area. As a result, an order for her suspension was issued on friday, according to piyush Kumar Sharma, the Baran district education (elementary) officer, who spoke with PTI on saturday morning.
According to Sharma, the instructor was also required to record her attendance at the basic education directorate in bikaner at this time.

The officer claimed that by agreeing with the villagers and putting Goddess Saraswati's portrait up, the teacher could have avoided the issue and made sure that Republic Day went off without a hitch. Instead, she inflamed the residents' feelings and wounded their feelings.
On january 26 of this year, at the school's Republic Day celebration, a fight broke out between the primary teacher and several residents.
Despite the local villagers' insistence, Bairwa declined to place the image of Goddess Saraswati on stage among the portraits of Bhim Rao Ambedkar and mahatma gandhi at the occasion.

The instructor infuriated the villagers even more by claiming that Goddess Saraswati made no contributions to education or learning.
Earlier on thursday, a third female teacher at the government senior secondary school Khajuri in the Sangod area of Kota district was the subject of an inquiry into allegations of her involvement in Islamic Jihad, love Jihad, and affiliations with prohibited Islamic groups. Two other government teachers were also suspended.

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