On Saturday, february 24, as the traffic house guard was on duty here, a lady in banjara hills is said to have attacked him. The event was recorded on video and was disseminated on social media. The woman was reportedly driving her Jaguar in the incorrect way when the traffic cop pulled her over.

But rather than comply, the woman lost her cool and angrily screamed at the house guard for getting in her way. She persisted in her aggressive attitude despite attempts by bystanders to step in and help. In the widely shared video, the woman can be heard saying, "I know I'm on the wrong route, and many other people are taking the wrong route too."

When she violently attacked the traffic home guard, who was filming the event on his phone, things got out of hand. She grabbed his phone and tore his clothing. Following the assault, the traffic house guard reported the incident to the Traffic house Guard Banjarahills police Station, capturing the attack on camera and providing proof through the widely shared video. After a case was reported, more research is being done. Stay tuned with us.

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