The hyderabad municipal corporation-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>greater hyderabad municipal corporation (GHMC) intends to use a new method of attendance monitoring to streamline and modernize its operations. To overcome the limitations of the Aadhaar-based biometric Attendance System (ABAS), the ghmc will make use of an artificial intelligence-powered smartphone application that recognizes faces.

With the new AI-driven method, ghmc seeks to solve the flaws of the prior system, which was mostly dependent on internet connectivity and had hardware constraints. The adoption of AI has several advantages, such as seamless registration processes, device compatibility, and offline attendance collection. It attempts to address the issue of absenteeism in general and among sanitation workers in particular, where the percentage has gone from 26% to 29%.

However, there are several obstacles to overcome to use this cutting-edge technology. ghmc is aware that a shift in employee culture is required to ensure the system operates as intended. Nonetheless, the potential for real-time identification and the development of a customized web portal offer chances for improved payroll administration and oversight, encouraging transparency and accountability.

The AI-based attendance system demonstrates the company's forward-thinking mindset and dedication to employing technology for the public good. hyderabad is in the vanguard of GHMC's program's effects, which stretch beyond municipal government. It creates a benchmark for innovation acceptance in public administration and might act as a catalyst for similar initiatives across the nation.

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