The way Shah Rukh Khan responded to his son Allu Ayaan's most recent video delighted Allu Arjun. Ayaan, the son of allu arjun, was seen singing Dunki's Lutt Putt Gaya in a video that went viral over the weekend. The video quickly gained popularity after being circulated by SRK's fan organizations. Shah Rukh was captivated by the video on sunday and showered Ayaan with affection. He nodded sweetly to pushpa in addition to giving a shoutout to Ayaan.

“Thank u lil one… you are flower and fire both rolled into one!!! Now getting my kids to practice singing @alluarjun’s Srivalli… ha ha,” Shah Rukh wrote on X, previously known as Twitter. allu arjun replied to him, “Shah Rukh ji … soo sweet of you . Humbled by your sweet msg . Lots of love .”

The two celebrities have previously engaged in social media interaction. Following Jawan's release last year, allu arjun gave his impressions on the movie and gave SRK kudos for it's commercial success.

“Biggg Congratulations to the whole team of #JAWAN for this mammoth blockbuster . Warm regards to the entire cast , technicians, crew & producers of #JAWAN @iamsrk garu’s Massiest avatar ever , charming the whole of india & beyond with his swag . Truly happy for you sir , we prayed this for you,” allu arjun wrote.

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