Nitasha Kaul, an academic and professor of indian descent in the UK, said in a series of tweets that she was denied entrance into india after arriving at the Bengaluru airport and subsequently deported. Kaul had been invited by the karnataka government to speak at the "Constitution and National Unity Convention." She said that she had previously been refused admittance for criticising RSS.
"Refused admission into india for delivering a speech on constitutional and democratic ideals. The government of karnataka, a state run by the congress party, invited me to a conference as an esteemed delegate, but the Centre denied me access. Kashmiri-Pandit Nitasha Kaul, a lecturer at the university of Westminster in the UK, tweeted, "All my documents were valid & current (UK passport & OCI)."

She stated that unless there were "orders from delhi," immigration had not given her an explanation. "Karnataka had planned my travel and logistics, and I carried the official letter." I was not informed beforehand by delhi that I would not be permitted entry," Kaul added in his letter.

"I spent 12 hours in a flight from london to Bangalore, several hours at immigration where they shuttled me here & there, provided no info on process, then 24 hours in a holding cell (no BA flight back until next day) under direct cctv w restricted movement, a narrow area to lie down," Nitasha Kaul wrote on Twitter.
Despite making "dozens of calls to the airport," she said she was denied basic amenities like a pillow and blanket and that she did not have "easy access to food and water." She added, "Then, 12 hours on the flight back to london," in one of the postings on the microblogging website.


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