Nafe Singh Rathee, the head of the indian National Lok Dal (INLD) in haryana, was reportedly shot and killed on sunday in the Jhajjar area by unidentified gunmen. Rathee's car was the focus of gunfire from the assailants, who also seriously injured a number of security guards.
In the town of Bahadurgarh in Jhajjar, the event happened as Rathee was driving an SUV and the attackers, who were in a different automobile, attacked him. There were reports that the attack claimed the life of another party leader.
Leader of the INLD Abhay Chautala told india Today tv that Rathee was shot and killed in the Jhajjar area. Bhupinder Singh Hooda, a congress politician and the former chief minister of haryana, also denounced the attack and attacked the haryana administration for it.
"It is extremely sorry to learn that Shri Nafe Singh Rathi, the president of INLD State, was shot and killed in Haryana. This is a reflection of state law and order. It is evident from this occurrence that law and order has collapsed. Nobody in the state feels secure right now, according to Hooda.

Nafe Singh Rathee was the INLD head for two times and a former Bahadurgarh MLA. In addition, he served as President of the haryana ex-MLA Association.
An INLD leader informed news agency PTI that the 70-year-old lawmaker has been the target of death threats over the previous several days.
In addition, he sought the resignations of the home minister and the chief minister, accusing them of neglecting to protect Rathee even when there was a threat to his life.

Nafe Singh Rathee, a well-known Jat politician from Jatwada Bahadurgarh in the Jhajjar district of haryana, had a long political career and was crucial to the state's legislative structure.
Rathee represented the Bahadurgarh seat as a member of the 9th and 10th haryana Legislative Assemblies.
On the Samata party platform, he was elected as an mla in 1996, marking the beginning of his political career. Later in 2000, Rathee won another election, this time on the INLD ticket.
Rathee also served two terms as the Bahadurgarh Municipal Council's chairman.

Notably, Rathee was charged with many felonies, including forgery, criminal conspiracy, cheating, and breach of trust.
The haryana Police filed a formal complaint (FIR) against Rathee and five other individuals in january 2023 over the purported suicide of local BJP leader Jagdish Numberdar.

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