In response to allegations that she hasn't visited Sandeshkhali in the previous five years, especially in light of the ongoing agitation there, trinamool congress mp nusrat jahan reacted on Sunday. The Basirhat mp commented on X, "Stop politicising. I have genuinely served the people in my constituency, in times of joy and in times of trouble."

Jahan was reacting to a newspaper story that featured inhabitants of Sandeshkhali who claimed that she had broken the pledges she had made before to her election as a member of parliament.
The story also cited Sandeshkhali mla Sukumar Mahato, who stated that a visit by nusrat jahan would have increased public confidence in the TMC.
For a few weeks now, the hamlet in the North 24 Parganas area has been the focal point of a dispute. A number of Sandeshkhali women have accused TMC leader Shahjahan Sheikh and his accomplices of sexual harassment and unlawful land acquisition.
BJP mp dilip ghosh chastised nusrat jahan in the newspaper story for enjoying "Dog Day, chocolate Day, Valentine's Day" while Sandeshkhali "burns".

In response, the TMC mp said, "It is heartbreaking to wake up to such charges. I have always served the people and adhered to my party's principles as a woman serving in public office."
She went on to say that the required actions are being taken to guarantee the welfare of the people, and chief minister Mamata Banerjee has already despatched assistance.
"Since we are subject to the law, it is imperative that we follow it and assist the government...The Basirhat mp stated, "I think we should have faith in the state government and administration; what is wrong will always be condemned."
Jahan remarked that in order to "help create peace and not commotion," people must "refrain from targeting each other" and unite.

Her previous comment that the turmoil in Sandeshkhali "should not be politicised" was similar.
Following many days of protest in the village, nusrat jahan finally spoke out, saying, "Under such dire circumstances, people should stand unitedly behind the state government rather than inciting and provocating others. The locals are receiving unceasing assistance from the state administration, which is taking the appropriate action."
She had also mentioned that she was communicating with the authorities.

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