Earlier this week, Google's gemini made news after it was allegedly accused of refusing to produce photographs of white individuals. Google's most recent major language model was criticised by several people on social media, with some even saying it was "too woke." In addition to criticising gemini, Elon Musk said that it had exposed Google's "racist programming to all." Musk has previously expressed disapproval of generative AI tools.

Now, in a new tweet, Musk claims that he was contacted by a senior google executive who informed him that Gemini's issues are being addressed. "Last night, I had an hour-long phone conversation with a senior executive at Google. Musk tweeted, "He gave me the assurance that they are acting immediately to address the gender and racial prejudice in Gemini.

Previously, Musk said that google had "overplayed its hand" in creating AI-generated images and referred to the company's code as "insanely racist and anti-civilization."

His message said, "I’m glad that google overplayed their hand with their AI image generation, as it made their insane racist, anti-civilizational programming clear to all."

What really transpired with gemini, then? As previously stated, the AI technology has come under fire for producing biassed and historically incorrect photos. It was said that the AI system was "too woke" and misidentified some "white people" facts. Gemini's failure to produce realistic photos of "white people" was the subject of several user complaints. Users complained that the AI would only provide photographs of people with darker skin tones when they requested images of historical characters such as the pope, english monarchs, Vikings, or even Nazi troops.

Gemini Experiences' Senior director of Product Management, Jack Krawczyk, acknowledged the issues. Asserting that google adheres to their AI principles, which centre on representing the varied global user base, he gave his word that the company takes representation and bias seriously. Krawczyk clarified that although these concepts were taken into consideration when designing the picture production capabilities, the AI still required fine-tuning, particularly for prompts pertaining to historical personalities.
"We are aware that gemini is providing inaccurate depictions in certain historical image generation, and we are working to fix this right away," Krawczyk said. We will adjust further to account for the more subtle nature of historical circumstances."


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