It has been confirmed that tdp would run for 151 seats in the forthcoming elections, with janasena competing for the remaining 24 seats. If the bjp enters the alliance, these figures could somewhat alter. Initially, tdp declared 94 candidates, whereas janasena declared five seats. Pawan Kalyan's lucky number is five. Thus, despite the fact that additional names have been confirmed, only five candidates have been announced. Not even pawan kalyan announced his own seat.
 Everyone is curious to know which of the nineteen seats that janasena will receive in the meantime. The Godavari districts, where the Kapu group is predominate, will account for the majority of the remaining seats. janasena will thereafter get more seats in Uttarandhra. It's practically official that pawan kalyan would run from Bhimavaram. While the candidates for three lok sabha seats have been decided upon, janasena will run for the mp seats in Anakapalli, kakinada, and Machilipatnam. It is nearly a given that konidela nagababu of Anakapalli and Balashowry of machilipatnam would compete.

Two other names, in addition to sana Satish from kakinada, are being considered. janasena will receive another one in place of the bjp if an agreement is formed and the saffron party is interested in Kakinada. In the Godavari districts, candidates have already been declared for the Rajanagaram and kakinada Rural seats, which were once part of the east Godavari. Razole, Janasena's sitting seat, is also staying put. The party also seeks seats in Pitapuram and rajamahendravaram Rural in addition to these. There are ongoing conversations since tdp has strong prospects in this area.

In the former west godavari district, janasena is running for six seats: Bhimavaram, Narasapuram, Unguturu, Polavaram, Tadepalligudem, and Nidadavolu. Here, Jana Sena is probably going to run for up to four seats. The party will send a strong candidate from other seats if janasena wins Nidadavolu. In addition, janasena is running for the seats in Palakonda, srikakulam district; Pendurthi, Yalamanchili, and visakha South, once again in the visakha district; vijayawada West and Avanigadda, once in the krishna district; and Darsi, once in the prakasam district. Madanapalle, a tirupati and chittoor assembly seat, is a target for the party as well. Leaders of janasena are also running for seats in Anantapur and guntur West.

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