Surya's father Sivakumar caught in controversy again..!?

Sivakumar, who was already involved in controversy by throwing his fan's cell phone, now has a video of him insulting an old man who came to wear a Shawl going viral. netizens are also trolling him. After retiring from acting, legendary actor Sivakumar has regularly attended various awareness programs, college festivals, film festivals, book launches, etc. In that way in Karaikudi, Sivagangai district, the launch of the book written by Karupayya was held in a grand manner. The legendary actor Sivakumar spoke very proudly about Karupayya. In particular, he talked about the actions taken by Karupaiya to protect drinking water and the struggles.

While speaking on the stage, Sivakumar stopped his speech and fell at the feet of Pazha Karupaiya. Sivakumar, who is 82 years old, fell at the feet of Karuppaiya, who is younger than him(2 years younger) and caused a stir. Following this, after the ceremony was over, Sivakumar, who was leaving the place, was approached by an old man with a full smile on his face when he tried to wear a shawl. Sivakumar suddenly took it and threw it down. His action angered many people there. Now that this video is going viral on social media, netizens are insulting Sivakumar as if he has no conscience.If you have money, position, and speak with love...will you insult the poor even if they approach you with a small shawl and smile like this? They are asking. While Sivakumar was already in trouble for throwing the cell phone like this, now he is in trouble again. Let's wait and see what explanation he will give for this from his side.

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