Mohammed shami in hospital..? PM Modi sent wishes..!?

Indian cricket team's leading fast bowler mohammed shami has been admitted to hospital and underwent surgery on his foot. mohammed shami had recently published a photo about it. prime minister Narendra Modi shared a message on twitter wishing him a speedy recovery. mohammed shami was the highest wicket-taker for the indian team in the 2023 ODI world cup series. However, he did not participate in the first four matches. His outstanding performance saw the indian team win the semi-final and advance to the final. After that, he did not participate in any competition. He had a leg injury and was being treated for it. While undergoing treatment under the BCCI-run National cricket Academy, he was admitted to a hospital in london and underwent surgery for an Achilles tendon problem. Now he has to recover from it. prime minister Narendra Modi has wished him a speedy recovery. In a congratulatory message shared by the prime minister, he said, "he wishes him a speedy recovery and good health, Mohammad Shami! He hopes he will overcome this injury with the courage he so desperately need."

 Mohammed shami missed the south africa Test series and england Test series due to his injury. With the 2024 IPL series and 2024 t20 world cup series to be held next, it is said that it is doubtful that mohammed shami will get fit and return to the field by then.

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