A unique three-day special sale for their gold, silver, and diamond offerings will be held in chennai from february 23 to the 25 at the Bhima Jewellers store in T. Nagar. Bhima Jewellers is a well-known brand in the world of beautiful jewelry. This amazing event included tantalizing in-store activities in addition to tempting prices. As part of this exclusive promotion, customers may also enter a fortunate draw every three hours to win a honda Activa.

Distinguished indian actress and brand ambassador Ms. pooja hegde, together with Mr. Vishnusharan Bhatt, Managing director of Bhima Jewellers Pvt. Ltd., provided a unique encounter for guests during an elegant and glamorous evening hosted by Bhima. After the conversations, attendees were treated to a captivating fashion presentation that highlighted Bhima's stunning jewelry designs. This momentous event was expected to be a celebration of style, grace, and the classic beauty of Bhima's magnificent jewelry lines.
As a prominent indian actress and brand ambassador, Ms. pooja hegde stated, "As a Bhima client, I sincerely value the company's consistent dedication to customer care. My family has always prioritized it. I trust and respect the brand because of its dedication to quality and innovation. I'm excited for the occasion since it will allow me to network with other Bhima clients."

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