West bengal is "standing out among other states" due to the trinamool congress government's bad law and order situation and corruption, according to Finance minister Nirmala Sitaraman's statement on Tuesday.
Speaking on tuesday at an event hosted by the BJP-affiliated cultural organisation Khola Hawa in Kolkata, she said, "The state is standing out under TMC's rule because of extortion, bad law and order, and corruption."
The Finance minister remarked, "My body shakes when I talk about Sandeshkhali and its crimes," in reference to the Sandeshkhali case. The offender is not being detained by the government."

She said, "I remember how they raised questions in the parliament over the Manipur issue, but what is happening in Sandeshkhali?"
The Finance minister responded to the TMC's announcement that leader Shahjahan Sheikh will be taken into custody in a week by saying, "You know where he is." How else would you predict that he'll be taken into custody in a week?"
She added that the TMC is preventing other people from entering Sandeshkhali and that only its ministers are permitted there.

In response to West bengal Chief minister Mamata Banerjee's claims that the MNREGA money are being withheld by the Centre, nirmala sitharaman stated that the state is home to 25 lakh individuals who possess fraudulent employment cards. "After that, how can I discharge this money? It's not private property; it's public money," she said.
The state's Ayushman Bharat is not being implemented by the TMC administration, according to the finance minister, "because of politics".
"The most impoverished people require certain programmes. The Ayushman Bharat initiative offers health benefits up to Rs 5 lakh, but West bengal hasn't put it into practice. "You want to give the people a better system, give it to them, but why not also give them Rs 5 lakh in health benefits?" she said.

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