Illegal arms exchange is a threat to the world..!?

russia sends food to north korea in containers containing raw materials and parts used for weapons production! As the third year of the Ukraine-Russia war has begun, south korea has issued strong condemnations of commodity exchanges between russia and North Korea. South Korea's defense minister says north korea has sent some 6,700 containers containing millions of weapons to russia since July last year, two years into Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

South Korean Defense minister Shin Wonsik told reporters that the weapons and military equipment sent from north korea to russia included millions of rounds of artillery shells.
Russia sending food:
South Korea also claims that russia, which receives the munitions, is sending north korea food and other necessities in return. Since July, north korea may have shipped 6,700 containers with 3 million 152 mm artillery shells, or 122 mm rounds, to russia, South Korean news agency Yonhap reported, citing a South Korean defense minister. Hundreds of munitions factories in north korea are running out of raw materials and power, reducing their production capacity by about 30 percent, South Korea's defense minister said. Nevertheless, he says, north korea is operating at full capacity to deliver significant quantities of explosives.
Food and explosives:

South Korea's Defense Ministry also says it has intelligence that food is being sent in containers from russia to north korea containing raw materials and parts used in the production of weapons.

Exchange of goods:

This exchange of goods between north korea and russia to meet their needs is believed to have stabilized food prices in North Korea. The volume of containers sent from russia to north korea is also said to be 30 percent larger than that sent from Pyongyang to Moscow.

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula:

US and south korea hold talks on munitions exchange between russia and North Korea. In this regard, yesterday (Wednesday, february 28), south korea and the united states seem to have discussed the exchange of goods between north korea and Russia.
Action against illegal exchanges:

Illegal arms exchanges between russia and north korea pose a serious threat not only to the Korean Peninsula but also to global peace and stability. South Korea's Defense Ministry said it will coordinate with the international community to take action against these illegal exchanges. south korea and the united states strongly condemn North Korea's irresponsible acts of missile testing and aggression on the Korean Peninsula, according to a statement issued after bilateral consultations.

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