Historically, there has been longstanding criticism of perceived discrimination by the central government against the southern states in India. Only two South Indians, PV narasimha Rao and Deve Gowda, have held the position of Prime minister, with PV serving for five years and Deve Gowda for just one year. 

Despite claims that the southern states contribute significantly to the country's income, there are allegations that budget allocations from the central government favour the northern states. The idea of establishing a second capital in South india has been suggested by figures like BR Ambedkar to address discontent.

Recently, karnataka congress mp Suresh's remarks on unfair treatment in budget allocations and the potential rise in demands for a separate country with the southern states have gained national attention. Union minister Nirmala Sitharaman responded strongly to these remarks, condemning the idea of dividing the country. 

Sitharaman clarified that fund allocation is based on the recommendations of the Central Finance Committee, and the central government adheres to its decisions. She emphasized that each state in the country has its own strengths and warned that pushing for a separate country could lead to dangerous situations. 

Sitharaman highlighted the positive performance of southern states in various indices and criticized Suresh, a responsible Member of Parliament, for advocating the country's partition. The issue gained attention in Parliament, with Union minister Prahlad Joshi urging immediate action by the congress party. However, the National President of the congress Party, Mallikarjuna Kharge, affirmed the party's commitment to keeping the country united and disavowed support for those advocating partition.

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