It was just a few days ago that we brought you news of the success of malayalam blockbusters Bramayugam and Premalu in Hyderabad. Mammootty's Bramayugam had a telugu dubbing a week later. In the telugu version, however, the collections have been appalling. Unfortunately, the combined gross earnings over the weekend in the telugu states were just about 40–50 lakhs. It was, nevertheless, somewhat expected given the genre's narrow appeal and lower adoption rate in Telugu.
 In the future, "Premalu" is scheduled to have a telugu dubbing as well, and preparations are in place for its telugu release. Remarkably, Rajamouli's son SS karthikeya is leading the telugu release, slated for march 8, 2024, having paid a premium for the dubbing rights. The Premalu situation is crucial after Bramayugam. Bramayugam has been a hit in malayalam, but the telugu audience hasn't been able to handle it.
 The telugu audience has quite distinct tastes. Though they enjoy malayalam films on OTT, they don't enjoy them at theatres. telugu viewers react negatively to the same films in theatres because they have lost much of their original flavor and soul during translation. It will be fascinating to see how Premalu is received by the telugu audience in the telugu translation.

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