The actress rashmika mandanna from Animal is said to be completely smitten with sarees. When she's not commanding the screen with a potent performance, she turns heads with her stylish choices. It's clear from looking through her social media accounts that she genuinely loves sarees. She adores everything, including bulky silks and exquisite organzas. But a recent picture she posted of herself wearing a stunning saree has her admirers going crazy. Could you estimate how much the drape cost?

Rashmika Mandanna recently shared an amazing picture of herself wearing a gorgeous saree. She became the designer Sawan Gandhi's inspiration, dressing in his cutdana work saree with blush pink sequins. The elaborate threadwork and mirror give the sheer saree a glamorous and elegant touch. The diva looks stunning in this outfit, despite its mild hue, especially when matched with a light-colored sleeveless shirt that has a deep neckline. She chose a tidy appearance to allow the eye-catching drape to take center stage. She threw away all the jewelry in favor of a ring and some basic stud earrings. She decided to wear her hair in a tight bun.

The actress from pushpa opted for understated makeup to go with her outfit. She chose to have perfect skin, slightly flushed cheeks, arched eyebrows, and a matte pink lipstick. She used smoky eyes to give her eyes a little more drama. "You said saree, now I can't stop with the saree," was the caption she wrote on Instagram.

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