A new mechanism that will enable numerous individuals inside an organization, along with their legal counsel, to work together to draft H-1B petitions and registrations has been revealed by the US immigration office. The myUSCIS organizational accounts were launched on wednesday, according to a statement released by US Citizenship and Immigration services (USCIS). Non-immigrant visas such as the H-1B permit US employers to hire foreign nationals for specialised jobs requiring advanced technical or theoretical training.

Tens of thousands of workers from china and india are hired by IT businesses every year thanks to it. Form I-907 is primarily used to seek Premium Processing service for petitions or applications that are identified as qualifying for premium processing. To approve or reject an application for an immigration benefit, DHS uses the information.

USCIS stated in a statement on wednesday that the organisational accounts will enable several individuals inside an organisation, together with their legal counsel, to work together on and draft H-1B registrations, H-1B petitions, and any related Form I-907, Request for Premium Processing Service.
Beginning in march 2024, a new organisational account will be needed to engage in the H-1B Electronic Registration Process, according to the USCIS.
"Any technical issues that may arise for legal representatives whose accounts migrated when they logged into their online account on or after february 14, 2024, including impacts on cases other than H-1B filings, are being addressed as soon as possible," the statement stated.

The FY 2025 H-1B cap first registration period will begin on march 6 at noon Eastern and end on march 22 at noon Eastern.
According to the media warning, potential petitioners and their agents, if any, must utilize a USCIS online account to electronically register each beneficiary for the selection process during this time, as well as pay the registration cost for each beneficiary.
USCIS will require registrants to furnish valid passport or travel document information for each beneficiary starting with the initial registration period for FY 2025.

The beneficiary's passport or another travel document must match the one they want to use to enter the US if granted an H-1B visa, should they be traveling overseas. The registration of each beneficiary under a single passport or travel document is required.

"For non-cap H1B petitions, we will begin accepting online filings of Form I-129 and related Form I-907 in March. For petitioners whose registrations have been chosen, USCIS will start accepting online filings for H-1B cap petitions and related Forms I-907 on april 1.

To facilitate the process for organizations and legal counsel, the USCIS initiated the Tech Talks meetings in february 2024. people can ask inquiries regarding the organization's finances and the online submission of Form I-129 for H-1B applications during these sessions.

Attendance in these events is encouraged by the USCIS for all parties engaged in the H-1B registration and petition filing process. It stated that dates and further details were available on the page for upcoming national engagements.

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