In the narcotics case involving the Radisson Hotel, telangana High court has received an application for anticipatory bail from tollywood filmmaker Krish. In a court filing, krish denied any participation in the crime, which was uncovered on february 26 by Cyberabad police. He asserted that he was unjustly linked to the crime.
The court postponed the hearing until march 4 and ordered Cyberabad police to furnish case facts when it heard the plea on Friday. Radha krishna Jagarlamudi also referred to as krish, was listed by the police as the tenth culprit in the case.

It had stated on wednesday that the director had been handed a notice and was evading capture.
Deputy Commissioner of police G. vineeth said that a few days earlier, when police phoned krish for a medical check, he had replied saying he was in mumbai and would come for the test. Later on though, he stopped answering the police's calls.
On february 26, businessman Nirbhay Sindhi and film producer Kedhar were detained in connection with the investigation, along with Gajjala Vivekanand, the director of the Manjeera Group of Companies.
The next day, Syed abbas Ali Jaffri was taken into custody for allegedly providing Vivekanand with cocaine.

During the inquiry, the police discovered that Jaffri, a former Vivekanand employee, was purchasing the narcotics from mirza Waheed Baig. Baig and Gaddala Praveen, Vivekanand's driver, were named as suspects in the investigation.
The bjp politician Gajjala Yoganand's son, Vivekananda, had invited his friends to the celebration. krish, raghu Charan, Sandeep, Neil, Swetha, and model-turned-YouTuber Kallapu Lishi Ganesha had reportedly gone to the party and used paper rolls in two hotel rooms to take narcotics.
According to the police, they are all escaping. It is said that a few of them have left the country. At the Gachibowli police station, a case has been filed against each of the defendants by Sections 25, 29, and 27-A of the Narcotic drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act.

The operation was jointly carried out on the evening of february 25 by the Gachibowli police and the Special Operations Team-Cyberabad. When police teams visited the hotel after receiving reliable information that Vivekanand and his associates had used narcotics, all of the guests had already departed, according to the police.
Upon investigating the area, the police squad discovered three one-gram plastic sachets of cocaine and a white paper roll used for drug use.
The police teams visited Vivekanand's home and took him to the police station after gathering further information. He was referred for a medical evaluation and his drug test results were positive.

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