Ram Charan holding upasana legs..!? Best husband..!

Recently, ram charan and upasana went to the pre-wedding of Ananth Ambani in a special chopper. Global star ram Charan's simplicity needs no special introduction. Even a big star like pawan kalyan is casual. Currently, ram charan has a nationwide fan following. ram charan was a special attraction at the opening ceremony of ayodhya ram Mandir. ram charan now seems to be a son who surpasses his father who made his debut as the successor of the megastar.

 Everyone knows that ram charan fell in love with upasana and got married. Wherever they go, they go together. Charan likes upasana as much as upasana likes ram Charan. ram Charan's lifestyle has also changed a lot since she came. Positivity has also increased. The video of ram charan pressing the tired and relaxed Upasana's feet is going viral on social media. Ram Charan shows the kind of love that girls want from a husband in the case of upasana, and this video is being praised on social media. It is heard that after watching this video, some hate ram charan and become his fans. Comments are being made that ram charan has all the qualities of a best husband. A lot of people think it's masculinity to care about women. But there is an opinion that true greatness lies in serving a loving wife as a husband. This video is now trending on social media. After watching the video, many people are praising ram charan on the social media platform.

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