TDP Chief chandrababu naidu has issued a stern warning to key leaders of the ycp government, predicting the end of their regime. Speaking at a meeting, he asserted that the countdown has begun for the ycp government, confidently declaring that it won't last beyond forty days. Chandrababu expressed his determination that the tdp Janasena government would come to power, even if it took six hundred days.

He emphasized that ycp leaders must be held accountable for any wrongdoings during their rule, and he warned of repercussions if government systems fall under the control of the ruling party. Chandrababu criticized the use of rtc buses for ycp preparatory meetings and asserted that proper action would be taken against those involved.

Optimistic about the victory of the tdp alliance, Chandrababu stressed that the entire political landscape would change after forty days. He called on those loyal to the ruling party to give an account of their actions, indicating that they would be held responsible in the future. Chandrababu's optimism is fuelled by alliances with other parties, uniting against the ycp government. 

He believes that by consolidating votes through alliances, they can secure victory in the upcoming elections. The political landscape in andhra pradesh appears poised for change, with Chandrababu expressing confidence in the silent undercurrent against the current administration. Despite differing opinions, the countdown to the elections is undeniably charged with political tension.

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