Rameshwaram Cafe blast - outlet to reopen on Mar 8...

Updates on Bengaluru Rameshwaram Cafe Blast: Senior police officers will gather on saturday afternoon, according to karnataka Chief minister Siddaramaiah, in regards to the explosion that occurred at Bengaluru's Rameshwaram Cafe on Friday. As Siddaramaiah enters the Rameshwaram Cafe, a well-known restaurant that frequently attracts celebrities, a blast occurred on friday, march 1. Ten persons were reportedly hurt. According to PTI, which cited official sources, the CCTV cameras at the Rameshwaram cafe in the Brookefield neighborhood and others close by have captured photos of the suspect's movements. An official stated, "We are optimistic about the leads we are receiving in apprehending the culprit."

Karnataka deputy chief minister DK Shivakumar said on friday that 7-8 teams have been created to investigate the Rameshwaram cafe blast and that it is being looked into from all possible directions. Additionally, according to Shivakumar, a young person came and kept a tiny bag that burst an hour later. It was a somewhat intense explosion. An hour later, a small bag that had been taken by a young person ruptured. About ten people were injured. Teams of seven or eight were put together to investigate. Everything is being examined by us. "I implore all Bangaloreans to feel comfortable," he said.

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