Speaking on Saturday, External Affairs minister S jaishankar cautioned about the threats that emerging technologies like deepfakes and artificial intelligence pose to national security and noted the rise in attempts by foreign governments to influence events online.
During a dialogue at a think tank, jaishankar stated that it is imperative to remain vigilant about dangers originating from the wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital realm. "Thinking about security involves more than just protecting our borders and fighting terrorists. However, he pointed out that daily routines are increasingly vulnerable to manipulation nowadays.

"I would say frankly, in many ways, today foreign interference in this country is growing. It is important for the average person to understand how the world is changing because it is an era of AI (artificial intelligence) and deepfakes," jaishankar said.

The Ananta Aspen Centre was the venue for the minister's speech.
"They won't appear out of nowhere. They are at a specific stage right now. It was made possible by a complete culture and procedure, he claimed.
The question of whether india is turning into a surveillance state was posed to jaishankar in light of the sharp rise in the security risks facing the average Indian. It has nothing to do with paranoia. There are, after all, actual issues in the world. This is not another case of surveillance. The state is accountable for some things. "Let us not mistake chaos and carelessness for freedom," he stated.

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