According to the former US president donald trump, he "purposely" confused the identities of Republican challenger Nikki Haley with former US house Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He seemed to mistakenly identify former President barack obama with current President Joe Biden, though, once again.
"I purposely mix up a name, like Birdbrain‰ you know who Birdbrain is, right, Nikki, with Nancy Pelosi," trump said to an audience in Richmond, virginia on saturday night, acknowledging that he had "purposely" mixed up the names of Haley with Pelosi.
"I included them since, in my opinion, they are interchangeable. The former president remarked, "It's unfortunate to say this about a semi-Republican, but I believe Pelosi to be a little bit smarter, actually."

When talking about the january 6, 2021 Capitol riots, trump confused Haley with Pelosi at a New hampshire campaign event in January.
He believed that on the day of the uprising, security at the US Capitol had been under the control of the previous governor of South Carolina, who was employed by the private sector at the time.
Haley, Trump's final opponent for the Republican presidential nomination, responded by voicing her concerns about a President whose capacity to stay mentally stable under pressure is in doubt.

As trump easily defeated Haley in all three of the Republican primary states on Saturday—Michigan, Idaho, and Missouri—he spoke at a rally in Richmond.
Speaking to the crowd, trump also maintained that he called President Biden "Obama" trump on purpose since at previous rallies, he had confused the two.
You understand that makes a point, which is why I do it. Are we understanding that correctly? because many claim he is in charge of the nation. Personally, I don't think so," trump remarked.

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