Farmers' Protest: Nationwide "Rail Roko" called...

Leading farmers Sarwan Singh Pandher and jagjit singh Dallewal declared on sunday that the nation's farmers will once again stage a "Rail Roko" on march 10 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. According to the farm leaders, the protesting farmers, who are camped at the Punjab-Haryana border, would start a "peaceful" march towards delhi on march 6. Speaking at Punjab's Balloh village, the hometown of a farmer who was killed in recent conflicts, Pandher and Dallewal declared that the farmers would step up their protests at the current locations till the Center complies with their requests.

Farmers from remote states who are unable to get to delhi on tractor trolleys should take trains or other forms of transportation. It will also be evident whether the government permits farmers who do not use tractor trolleys to access the market.The agitation at Shambhu and Khanauri will persist as it has in the past and only get worse. We'll keep up the agitation until the demands are fulfilled," Pandher declared. He continued by saying that the farmers' demands should be supported by a resolution passed by every panchayat in punjab and that the Centre is employing "all tactics" to put an end to their "Delhi Chalo" march.

"The Center is attempting to create the impression that the present unrest is confined to punjab and that just two forums are spearheading the conflict. However, we want to be clear that the two forums include more than 200 outfits nationwide.It is untrue to create the impression that when the Model Code of Conduct for the polls is implemented, the agitation would stop. The farm leader was quoted by PTI as saying, "We may have to fight today, tomorrow, but we will continue to fight for our rights."

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