On Sunday, march 3, a group of fifteen individuals broke into a well-known attapur restaurant on saturday night, attacking patrons and causing property damage. Around midnight, a fight broke out between a few individuals who had come to the hotel for a mandi and some patrons of the restaurant. Soon after one of the groups called in their buddies, they arrived at the restaurant and proceeded to assault the other group by hurling objects and attacking them with sticks. social media users saw the CCTV footage of the altercation.

A troubling development occurred when 10 or so people ransacked the pista house restaurant, which is under the control of the attapur police Station in Hyderabad. The event happened late at night, around closing hours, when the kitchen had already stopped operating, according to reports from the Cyberabad police.
The gang tried to enter the restaurant even though it was closed for the evening, according to eyewitnesses. When the employees refused to serve them, the people became aggressive. They started damaging furniture, fixtures, and other objects within the building by vandalizing the property. Customers sitting in the restaurant were in a panic as a result of the incident. After receiving information, the police arrived at the scene, began trying to identify the five suspects, and took them into custody. More information is anticipated.

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