Hyderabad's nightlife and businesses are expected to benefit as the telangana government wants to encourage the night economy by allowing shops and restaurants to stay open around the clock.
A TOI article claims that the goal is to boost the night economy in certain places like commercial centers and HiTec City. Permits for bars and pubs to remain open past their regular hours will not be granted.
According to reports, revanth Reddy, the chief minister of telangana, has given authorities instructions to draft a strategy for boosting the night economy and providing transit options.

Employment opportunities to increase
It is anticipated that the planned strategy, which aims to promote Hyderabad's nightlife and business, will increase government income as well as job prospects. Additionally, it will promote tourism in places like charminar and Golconda. The police department, on the other hand, has expressed reservations about the proposal due to possible increases in crime, anti-social behavior, and issues with law and order.

24/7 open permit for nightlife, and businesses in Hyderabad
The telangana government decided to let businesses remain open around the clock last year. Though it was anticipated to greatly improve Hyderabad's nightlife and commercial sector, only a few managers showed interest.
Telangana is not the first state to let activities continue around the clock; in 2017, maharashtra declared a similar relaxation, and in january 2021, karnataka approved this relaxation for three years. This flexibility was also implemented in tamil Nadu in 2019, and it was extended for a further three years in june 2022.
It is unclear how the new strategy would affect Hyderabad's nightlife and business, and how this will strengthen the city's night economy.

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