On Sunday, march 3, telangana Transport minister Ponnam prabhakar carried out an impromptu inspection aboard a TSRTC bus that was heading from hyderabad to Mahabubnagar. He went from Nandigama to Shadnagar, according to the TSRTC. He talked to the commuters about the challenges they encountered on the way. According to a news statement from the TSRTC, the minister was curious to know how much money female commuters were able to save each month following the introduction of the Mahalakshmi plan.

Additionally, he said that a thousand additional buses will soon be on the road, relieving strain on commuters and TSRTC staff.
The minister also spoke with the conductor and the bus driver, who told him about the difficulties they were facing.
In response, prabhakar told them that the bus body's hiring procedures are in progress as well as a conversation over the establishment of the Pay Revision Commission (PRC).
The minister was accompanied by mla Madhusudhan Reddy, according to the press release.

He promised to introduce 1,000 buses to address the overcrowding issue. In Ameerpet, prabhakar introduced the Gruha jyothi program by taking his reading from the meter and issuing no invoices. He complimented party Rajya Sabha mp Anil Kumar Yadav for hosting the secunderabad Parliament cricket Premier League ending ceremony, in which he took part.

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