Prashant Kishor, a well-known political strategist, predicted that jagan MOHAN REDDY' target='_blank' title='ys jagan mohan reddy-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ys jagan mohan reddy will "lose big" in the next andhra pradesh general elections. He alluded to TDP's overwhelming triumph. prashant kishor claimed at a speech in hyderabad that Jagan's electoral prospects in Andhra are declining. He stressed that while voting, people give growth a higher priority than giveaways. prashant kishor warned that jagan will suffer the same fate as kcr in telangana and contrasted his approach to KCR's.

People consider potential management in addition to resource management, prashant said. He said that if money alone could determine the outcome of elections, then no government could be overthrown. This is a subtle jab against jagan, who only uses his wealth to buy votes. "Spending people's money thinking that you're taking care of people is a mistake," PK said in his remarks. And in telangana, kcr and jagan suffered the same consequences for their actions. Individuals consider potential management rather than resource management.

Jagan is "Losing BIG" because he believes that sending DBTs while seated in a castle won't get him votes. The culture of money in politics has been accepted by the people in the South. However, they do not use the money they receive to determine votes. since more governments have changed in the South than in the North. No government could be overthrown, and money had no chance of winning elections. Overall, even the nation's most renowned political strategist, prashant kishor, believes that the tdp would win in Andhra Pradesh.

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