Gopichand expressed optimism for the film's box office performance. "I don't usually talk about my films too much. I just stated that I feel more confident this time around at the Pre-release event the other day. During the dubbing, I got the feeling of a movie. The actor remarked, "It appears like we got every detail in the movie just correct. 

Speaking about the movie's plot, he declared, "Bhimaa is not your typical commercial performer. I was intrigued by the semi-fantasy element. I had never done anything like that before. Everybody will be able to relate to Bhimaa's persona because of its entertaining mood, emotions, and commercial aspects.

He was quite complimentary of the background soundtrack composed by kgf superstar ravi Basrur and the film's director, A. Harsha. He stated, "Bhimaa was supposed to be released at some other time," about the release date. However, it was modified. Most likely, the movie's release on maha Shivaratri Day is god Shiva's will. He also discussed the movie's visual effects. Gopichand went into further detail about the issues with his last movie, Ramabanam.
 There exist certain aspects beyond our control. We attempted to redeem Ramabanam, however it was unsuccessful. When anything is not working, I am the one who will alert the director. But I won't get involved if he is adamant about it. However, everything will work out well if the producer, director, and hero coordinate well, he said. "I need to work on my tendency to trust some individuals too quickly. That is my problem. It was after Ramadanam that I realized I needed to stand my ground. I'll be honest about my desires. These are the things that ought to occur. We'll only take this action if they can be respected. If not, let's just leave it," Gopichand discloses the choice.

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