Answering a query on whether india was being seen as a "bully" in the region, External Affairs minister S jaishankar made a subtle jab at President Mohamad Muizzu of the maldives by stating that "big bullies don't provide $4.5 billion aid" when adjacent countries are in difficulty.
Amid a diplomatic spat between the two nations, Jaishankar's statement followed Muizzu's january statement, which made a veiled allusion to india, stating that no country had the right to "bully us" despite its small size. When questioned if New delhi was seen as a "bully" in the subcontinent and indian Ocean area, jaishankar, who was promoting his book "Why Bharat Matters," emphasised India's proactive role in sending prompt help to its neighbours during times of crisis, according to news agency ANI.

"The recent developments between india and its neighbours represent a significant shift in this region of the world. When you claim that india is seen as a large bully, you should be aware that big bullies don't offer $4.5 billion to their neighbours who are in need. At the event on Saturday, march 2, jaishankar stated, "Big bullies don't supply vaccines to other countries when Covid-19 is on or make exceptions to their own rules to respond to food demands, fuel demands, or fertiliser demands because some war in some other part of the world has complicated their lives."

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