"Where is my son?" is the question that indian Navy sailor Sahil Verma's father Subash Chander has put out to prime minister Narendra Modi and the cbi, over a week after the sailor vanished off a ship and an extensive search involving ships and planes produced no results.

The fact that a soldier vanished from his navy ship and cannot be located is astounding. I've been informed that no one was seen falling into the water by the CCTV cameras on board the ship. Where is my son then?" Chander informed PTI, a news agency.

On february 27, Sahil Verma, an indian Navy sailor, inexplicably disappeared from a navy vessel. In order to secure their son's safe return, his mother Rama Kumari and father Subash Chander, who live in Jammu's Ghou Manhasan neighbourhood, have appealed to prime minister Narendra Modi, Defence minister Rajnath Singh, Union home minister amit shah, and kashmir - SRINAGAR/JAMMU' target='_blank' title='jammu and kashmir-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>jammu and kashmir Lieutenant governor Manoj Sinha.

Sahil Verma's parents are receiving frequent visits from family members and neighbours who are hoping for the safe return of the missing seaman.
Subash Chander, though, has voiced dissatisfaction over the hazy details provided to them. "We got a call on february 29 informing that our son went missing on board the ship two days before that...we last talked to him on sunday (February 25) and nothing is known (about) what happened to him," he stated to PTI.
He wanted to know where his kid was and that justice would be served.

In addition, Subash Chander insisted that the cbi be given full investigative authority over his son's case by the government. He said, "He was on duty and is missing."
Meanwhile, the mother of Sahil Verma said that information regarding her son's abduction is being withheld. "There were 400 people on board the ship and only my son went missing," she stated.
Rama Kumari said, "My only requests and prayers are that my son returns safely."
According to gautam, Sahil Verma's maternal uncle, "we have heard that the ship returned to base for a day before leaving again," which makes his nephew's disappearance an ideal candidate for a cbi investigation.

"How is it possible that he went missing from the ship?" gautam enquired.
He said that within 24 hours of the occurrence, a board of inquiry ought to have been established and Sahil Verma's family had to have been notified that their son was missing. But both, gautam continued, occurred after two days.
The Western Naval Command, based in Mumbai, described the seaman's disappearance as "unfortunate" and announced the appointment of a high-level board of investigation.

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