It is reported that Anant Ambani and radhika Merchant invited select guests, including ram charan and Upasana, to their pre-wedding celebrations. The pair participated enthusiastically in the festivities there. On the occasion, ram charan, salman khan, Aamir Khan, and SRK were all spotted dancing to the hit song Naatu Naatu. social media users shared this video a lot.
Following the video's widespread distribution, a campaign of disapproval was launched against ram charan, with some social media users spreading the rumor that Charan had received payment from Ambani to perform at the function. They assert that bollywood actors salman, Aamir, and SRK were paid to perform at the event and that Charan followed suit. However, it is clear to those who have seen the event that this is a manufactured story that is intended to disparage Charan.

Although we are unable to confirm the "payment" made to the bollywood celebrities, Charan's performance lacked any form of reward. Charan did not give a full-length dance performance or engage the audience in conversation as the bollywood stars did. He just entered the stage and performed a quick, carefree dance. This tradition of paid dancing is acceptable in bollywood but not in Tollywood, especially when it comes to a celebrity like Charan. Thus, the narrative that is being used against Charan is illogical.

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