Before seeing his children's faces, a bjp employee in tamil Nadu, who gave birth to twins on Monday, went to see prime minister Narendra Modi at the airport in Chennai. PM Modi praised the young worker on social media, stating that the party had such "dedicated and devoted karyakartas" was "heartening to see".
"A very unique exchange. One of our Karyakartas, Shri Aswanth Pijai Ji, was there to greet me at the airport in Chennai. He informed me that he had not yet met the twins that his wife had recently given birth to. In his message, PM Modi added, "I told him he shouldn't have come here and also expressed my blessings to him and his family."

"Seeing how committed and loyal our party's Karyakartas are is encouraging. I become emotional when I see our karyakartas acting with such love and devotion," he continued.
During a public speech in Chennai, prime minister Modi chastised the ruling DMK government for its poor handling of the city's floods the previous year.
The prime minister thereafter went to a nuclear power facility in Kalpakkam, where a significant power producing procedure was started.

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