In the end, BRS released their initial slate of candidates before to the lok sabha elections. The candidates for the seats of Mahbubabad, Peddapalli, Khammam, and karimnagar were declared. B. Vinodh Kumar received the karimnagar ticket as anticipated. He is going to challenge Bandi Sanjay, the current bjp MP. It is already well known that last month, venkatesh Netha, the mp for Peddaplli, switched from the BRS to the Congress. As a result, Koppula Eshwar, a former mla from Dharmapuri, won the seat.
Nama Nageshwar Rao, a senior politician, was granted a ticket for Khammam, while Maloth kavitha was granted a ticket for Mahbubabad. They both represent their respective seats as MPs in office. In addition, three of the four declared contenders ran in the 2019 elections. As a result, BRS carried on its custom of giving tickets to previous winners. The assembly elections proved to be a disaster for the same tactic. We'll have to wait and see if KCR's strategies work this time.

Following the claims of the kaleshwaram project fraud, K. Chandrashekar Rao, the former chief minister of Telangana, has found himself in yet another sticky situation. In a recent audit, The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) stated that kcr mishandled about Rs. 2,88,811 crores.

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