The glamorous actress rashmika Madanna, who is allegedly wanting Rs 4 crore for a telugu movie, would have to accept a salary cut because it is difficult for telugu producers to afford such extravagant compensation. The actress is undoubtedly enjoying her immense triumph from "Animal."After seeing "Animal," she was ecstatic and increased her pay for telugu films as well.

However, it would be unjust because telugu films have tight budgets, therefore she has to think about it before opportunities for the gifted actress dry up', a producer says, adding that bollywood costs are also fairly expensive. They could thus afford her, but because her telugu fan base is currently at an all-time high, she has to find a balance between these two sectors and lower her remuneration for telugu films, he notes.

Naturally, she allegedly made Rs 3 crore for her first female-focused movie, "The Girlfriend," as it was both feasible and reasonably priced given that she draws large audiences to the picture. "The pushpa actress was busy working with big stars like Mahesh Babu, Allu Arjun, and Vijay Devarakonda, and she was earning between Rs 2 crore and Rs 2.5 crores. Since her popularity and charisma are still intact, revising her pay would fetch her plenty of offers," the man notes.
 She is excited for the widely anticipated movie "Pushpa 2" as well as a major project starring tamil actor Dhanush. Her salary has also eclipsed that of her competitors Tammannaah, shruti Haasan, and Kajal Agarwal, who receive between Rs 2.25 and Rs 3 cr for each film. "It's basic math; producers of blockbuster films always want a heroine who is affordable because they have to pay heroes more money," he says.

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