The BRS party's working president, KT Rama Rao, has expressed optimism that the party will win the secunderabad Parliamentary seat in the next lok sabha elections. He predicted that Kishan Reddy, the mp for secunderabad lok sabha and current Union minister, would lose.
KTR questioned Kishan Reddy's term in office, pointing out that the constituency had not seen any significant advancements or developmental projects during the previous five years. He emphasized the lack of substantial financial contributions made under Kishan Reddy's direction.

He further mentioned that the residents of Amberpet assembly Constituency had earlier rejected Kishan Reddy. He said that it was an accident that he was promoted to the secunderabad lok sabha seat.
KTR challenged him, saying, "If he truly believes in his accomplishments, we dare him to furnish a comprehensive report detailing his purported achievements and contributions to the constituents of Secunderabad."
In addition, he called for secunderabad voters to support the BRS party in the next parliamentary elections. He asserted that the party has a track record of thorough growth.

Rao spoke with several locals in the Amberpet constituency during his padyatra today in an effort to win their support for the BRS party and Padma Rao Goud, its secunderabad LS candidate. ktr emphasised Goud's contribution to the telangana statehood cause and urged voters to give Goud's approachable and devoted leadership top priority.


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